Will gives keynote presentations, seminars and workshops on the topic of Positive Psychology in Business. Speech titles include:

Phenomenal Reality: Use Your Imagination to Change Your Life

Hypnotic Loops: Practical Methods for Changing Limiting Beliefs and Behaviours

Hacking the Real: Business Success in the Realm of the Phenomenal

The techniques Will teaches are proven to raise productivity, job satisfaction and organisational commitment, while reducing stress, anxiety and turnover intentions.

However, Will’s background as an entertainer (stage hypnotist & mind-reader) also adds value to his presentations. The sessions give a real buzz to conferences and events, as Will is able to use these engaging and entertaining demonstrations to enthuse participants and raise the energy levels of meetings.

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‘The most popular workshop we’ve ever run.’  –  Caroline Coward, The Business Network Leeds


Productivity Through Positivity

The Productivity Through Positivity training packages are designed with one key objective in mind: getting you the results you want.

Many training companies will ‘parachute in’ to deliver sessions and then disappear. At Courageous we believe in doing things differently, as we recognise that ongoing support is far more effective in helping you to implement these powerful techniques within your business.

Courageous will consult with you in order to gain a proper understanding of the specific issues and problems you are facing, before constructing a bespoke package of content tailored to your company’s individual needs.

All packages also include follow-up, at whatever level is appropriate for your situation. We believe that being available to offer support & advice and to answer questions after your staff have spent sufficient time implementing what has been learned is a fundamental step in creating real change.



Will takes on a small number of private clients each year – typically leaders & managers – who want to address specific psychological issues within their business lives. Topics addressed have included creating new productive habits, tuning the mind to spot more opportunities, raising public speaking confidence, preparing for change, increasing the ability to switch off and enjoy time away from work and tapping more effectively into creative potential.

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